Our Native Plants

  • We provide opportunities to study and enjoy them.

  • We encourage and offer guidance in their cultivation and use.

  • We educate the public on their ecological and aesthetic values.

  • We support land preservation and practices fostering their natural communities.

Call for Applications – Deadline February 28, 2019

Up to $2,000 for environmental activities or research related to native plants and/or their habitats

Together for the first time: original paintings of Cat Swamp plants by Edward Peckham from the Rhode Island Historical Society, and corresponding specimens from the Brown University Herbarium, collected by William Bailey and others. The exhibit showcases the rich history of art and science in Providence and we hope it provokes you to consider the consequences of environmental change on local biodiversity. The exhibit is a unique collaboration between the John Hay Library, The Brown University Herbarium, the Rhode Island Historical Society and the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society.

General Meeting & Lecture

January 19, 2019

The History of Botanical Art from Early Times to the Present