A Call to Action: Celebrate RIWPS’ 25th Anniversary!

Nursery List


  • Fern
  • Grass
  • Ground Cover


Rhode Island

Native Plant Nursery

  • Wild Flowers


Rhode Island

Phone(401) 222-2222

For 25 years the RI Wild Plant Society has been promoting native plants. Help us celebrate and spread the word that planting native means a healthier garden and environment. Report your plantings of natives and other sustainable gardening activities at on our Contact Us page or on Facebook and watch RI flourish.

Tell us if you:

  • Replace invasives with natives, especially Rhody Natives
  • Let grass convert to meadow or a native garden
  • Install a rain barrel or a rain garden to conserve water
  • Use organic fertilizers and reduce all fertilizer use
  • Plant natives that attract butterflies
  • Plant natives that feed birds in the winter
  • Buy plants through the nurseries listed on this page