Let’s go for a walk …

Dundery Brook Trail, Little Compton RI

Boardwalk at Dundery Brook Trail, Little Compton, RI

Walk with a group of people interested in learning and sharing their botanical knowledge of native plants and their habitats.

• For the 2017 season we are offering three different botanizing walk series.

• Specfic details of each walk in all three series are posted on this page and our All Programs page about four to six weeks in advance.

• Walks are offered at no charge. A donation of $5.00 to $10.00 to support our programs would be appreciated.  Donate here.

There is no registration. Just come and enjoy as many of these experiences as you can!

(Sturdy footwear, clothing appropriate for the weather and for protection against sun exposure, tics and other insects as well as a sufficient supply of water and nurishment are a must for waking in nature!)

 To receive updated information, including weather related cancellations about walks in a particular walk series, sign up below for the mailing list associated with that series.


First Thursday Botanizing

• Eight walks, April through November

• On the first Thursday of each month a different expert guides participants in identifying plants.  Consideration is given to issues related to the plant communities at the site, especially those of particular interest to the guide and participants.

• Beginners to experts welcome.

• Walks are two hours, usually on easy to moderate terrain.

Plants & Their Places

• Five walks, May to August

• Doug McGrady, devotee of exploring the wilds of New England, seeking and documenting populations of rare plants, guides participants in identifying a wide the variety of plants at the site, with a particular focus on the rare and unusual.

• Some prior knowledge of plants is very helpful.

• Walks are four hours, usually on moderate terrain.  Forays during the walk searching for specific plants tend to on more difficult terrain.

Introduction to Plant Communities

• Two walks, June and August

• Brian Maynard, Professor of Horticulture at University of Rhode Island helps participants explore the specific plant communities of the site, with a particular focus on common and easily recognized plants.

• No prior knowledge of plants is needed or assumed, though experts are always welcome.

• Walks are two hours usually on easy to moderate terrain.

Botanizing Walks

There are no upcoming events at this time.

See our All Programs Page for a listing of all our programs including our botanizing walks.