Rhode Island Wild Plant Society Spring Plant Sales

native plant sales

Appreciation to those who made our
Early Native Plant Sale: 
Early Bloomers & Spring Ephemerals

on May 14 a success.

2016 Best Native Plant Sale in RI

Can you help?

•For a variety of task supporting the Plant Sale contact plantsales@riwps.org or 401-884-9483.

Why the Best Native Plant Sale in Rhode Island?

We have

  • a vast variety of native shrubs and trees as well as summer and fall blooming native perennials for shade, sun, dry and wet conditions (over 3,000 plants),
  • native substitutes for invasive species and plants,
  • native plants that will attract pollinators,
  • locally sourced and grown Rhody Native™,
  • a special collectors table with
    • Cypripedium parviflorum (yellow lady’s-slipper)
    • Cypripedium reginae (showy lady’s-slipper)
    • Sanguinaria canadensis ‘Multiplex’ (double-flowered blood-root)
    • Trillium grandiflorum ‘Flore Pleno’ (double-flowered white trillium),
    • and more
  • native plant experts available to assist home gardeners find the right plant for particular landscape settings

Bring a friend.  Bring a wagon.

Members shop starting at 8:00 am

Plant list

updated may 27

Our selection includes plants

• native to Rhode Island (RIN), including locally sourced and grown plants as a part of an initiative of the Rhode Island Natural History Survey, under the trademark Rhody Native™

• native to New England (NEN)

• native to Eastern North America (ENA) that do well in our soils and climate.

Our list continues to grow!

Plants for Birds

Plants for Pollinators

Want ideas about what plant might be suitable for you?

RI Native Plant Guide. Database of 400 Rhode Island native plants selected for their ornamental value, potential for use in landscape/garden projects (including restorations) and ease of propagation. Searchable on a variety of attributes e.g. plant type, size, growing conditions, edible value for humans, attractive to birds.

Why put native plants in your garden?

WJAR.NBC 10 Plant Pro Sajel Lanterman interviewed veteran RIWPS member and past president Jules Cohen  amid his landscape in North Kingstown.  This is the first of two programs in which Jules will describe the advantages of planting natives. Part One

In 2015 Karen Asher, former RIWPS president, author and lecturer on native plants, joined talk host Tom Gorski on URI Master Gardeners For the Love of Gardening, 1540 AM WADK Newport.  Karen describes how she fell in love with native plants, why they are a gardeners best friend and how we all benefit from having natives in the landscape.
• Rhode Island Native Plants Part One (5-31-15, June 4th, 2015)  |  Part Two (5-31-15, June 4th, 2015)

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