Rhode Island Wild Plant Society Native Plant Exhibit

2016 marks the 23nd year of Rhode Island Wild Plant Society’s participation in the Rhode Island Spring Flower & Garden Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. Our exhibit is an important part of our mission to educate the public on the ecological value and beauty of native plants. We are proud of these exhibits and the recognitions they have received.

2016 Exhibit Wins 3 Awards

First Place Award (Non Profits)

First Place Award (People’s Choice)

The Roger and Elizabeth Swain Award for Design and Execution

Congratulations and much appreciation to Kevin Alverson, Judy Ireland, Frances Topping and Barney Webster for their outstanding exhibit. Special thanks to Sue Gordan for her work forcing and nurturing plants and to all those who volunteered their time and talents to bring the design from the planning stage to its final rendition on the exhibit floor, complete with exhibit docents.

Rhode Island Coastal Habitats – Spring: Emergence and Rebirth highlighted the plant diversity occurring at the transition zones between coastal and inland climates, one of Rhode Island mini ecosystems that makes our landscape so unique and beautiful, and one of the habitats most threatened by rising sea levels and other climate changes.

Using our native plants in our public open spaces as well as our private coastal properties is essential to secure a diverse coastal vegetative habitat, to create a buffer zone to protect against coastal erosion and to maintain the foraging and shelter habitats that native plants provide for our wildlife.

Check out the list of plants in the exhibit along with their habitat preference.
Flower Show Plant List 2016

The RIWPS garden was simply breath taking this year. Every year I say it is the best garden ever and every year I am right!

I was a docent on Thursday and Saturday.   To all of you who plan and build, your work is so appreciated.  I wish I had a recording of all the kind words I hear so you could hear them directly.  It’s a pleasure to be a docent for the RIWPS.  Congratulations on these wonderful awards – well deserved.

It was truly a magical display that deserves every award received.  May I offer my congratulations and immense admiration for all that you accomplished!