Best Bets: What to PlantPlants for butterflies and moths
In his book Bringing Nature Home, Doug Tallamy offers a list of plants to attract butterflies and moths.  While his list is based on mid Atlantic region, many of the plants listed are native to our area.

Also consider his article on Why should you consider planting native?

Recommended planting for Migratory Songbird ManagementPlants for birds
Recommended plants to attract migratory birds, written by Susan Smith and Scott McWilliams, Dept. Natural Resources Science, URI. Plants are coded by the quality of nutrition provided for these types of birds.

Audubon Society Native Plant Database Audubon Society Native Plant Data Base
Search by zip code, type of plant, type of bird.  Includes images of birds.

Native Plant Site Solutions for Backyard HabitatWhat and where to plant
Booklet from URI Outreach Center.  The content was originally developed through a partnership between between the URI Outreach Center and the RI Coastal Resources Management Council. For professional landscapers and home gardeners.  Include how to analyze site and a number of model planting designs coded for specific plants and their value for ecological services including attraction for birds and pollinators.