Put native plants in your landscape

Add native plants to your landscape to preserve and protect them, and to sustain the native pollinators and other wildlife that depend on them.

Our 2018 Plant Sales

Early Native Plant Salefeatures  spring ephemerals & early bloomers. May 12, 2018, 9am to 3 pm.  Join us at our new location at Casey Farm!

Best Native Plant Sale in Rhode Island – features a wide selection of perennials, shrubs, ferns & grasses.  June 2, 2018, 9am to 1pm.  Find us at URI East Farm.

Our plants come primarily through our Seed Starters Groups and from plants grown and donated by members and friends.  Proceeds support the work of Rhode Island Wild Plant Society.

Please note: We only have native plants available at our announced plant sales.  If you are interested in securing native plants we recommend that you contact Rhody Native™ Initiative to inquire about the availability of their locally sourced and grown native plants.

Looking for ideas or details about what plants to consider for your landscape?

We recommend the following resources for ideas or specific details about which plants you might want to add to your landscape.

• Rhode Island Native Plant Guide

Guides for Sustainable Landscapes

Rhody Native™ Initiative

RIWPS Cultivation Notes

From our archives

From June 3, 2017 Best Native Plant Sale in Rhode Island

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