Put native plants in your landscape

native plant sales

Add native plants to your landscape to preserve and protect them, and to sustain the native pollinators and other wildlife that depend on them.

Our 2019 Sales

May 11 | Casey Farm Coastal Growers Market, Saunderstown, RI

Features a selection of spring ethereal and early blooming plants. Last year we offered over 900 plants. Some of the plant we tend to have –Plant List – common name, Plant List – Scientific Name

June 1 |URI East Farm, Kingston, RI

Features a huge selection of plants for all growing conditions. We also have a dedicated experts table to answer your questions. Last year’s selection included more than 4,000 plants from over 200 different species. Some of the plants we tend to have: Sun Plants bloom time May-June-July, Sun Plants bloom time August-September, Shade Plants, Trees and Shrubs. See images below from the 2018 sale

Should we have sufficient inventory as the Fall approaches, an additional sale may be scheduled.

Our plants come primarily through our Seed Starters Groups and from plants grown and donated by members and friends. We specialize in Rhode Island native plants, including Rhody Native™ but also have New England natives and some from Eastern North America.

Proceeds support the work of Rhode Island Wild Plant Society.

*please note: We only have plants available at our designated sales as we do not have sufficient space or volunteers to be able to offer them at other times.

Looking for ideas or details about what plants to consider for your landscape?

We recommend the following resources for ideas or specific details about which plants you might want to add to your landscape.

• Rhode Island Native Plant Guide

Guides for Sustainable Landscapes

Rhody Native™ Initiative

RIWPS Cultivation Notes

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