Native Plant Sales

native plant sales

Add native plants to your landscape to preserve and protect them, and to sustain the native pollinators and other wildlife that depend on them.

Our 2019 Sales

 EARLY NATIVE PLANT SALE | May 11 – Saunderstown
Featuring – Spring ephemerals and early blooms. (approx 1,000 plants)

Featuring a wide variety of perenials plus ferns shrubs, trees and vines for all growing conditions. (approx 5,000 plants)

August 24 | 9 am – 12 pm | Pawtuxet Village Farmer’s Market, Cranston, RI
Featuring late flowering plants.  See below!

*please note: We only have plants available at our designated sales as we do not have sufficient space or volunteers to be able to offer them at other times.

Our plants come primarily through our Seed Starters Groups and from plants grown and donated by members and friends*. We specialize in Rhode Island native plants, including Rhody Native™ but also have New England natives and some from Eastern North America.

Proceeds support the work of Rhode Island Wild Plant Society.


Fall is an excellent time to plant. Expert gardeners will offer plenty of free advice, including the best plants for your yard’s conditions.

Come early to get the best selection of summer and fall bloomers, including a variety of asters and goldenrods, boneset and Joe-Pye weed, butterfly milkweed and swamp milkweed, ironweed, blue vervain, Culver’s-root and big bluestem. Native shrubs such as holly, winterberry, beach plum, some dogwood, viburnums and rhododendrons are also available. (The farmer’s market will also be offering many vegetables, fruits, eggs, fresh local fish, and luscious cold drinks and snacks.)

Driving directions

Looking for ideas or details about which plants to consider for your landscape?

See our PLANTING  GUIDE PAGE for resources to help you choose the right plant for the right place!

  • The RI NATIVE PLANT GUIDE is your best source of information about some of the most sustainable Rhode Island native plants for your landscape
  •  NEW ENGLAND WILD FLOWER SOCIETY’S PLANTFINDER covers plants found in all the eco regions across the area. Both are searchable by a variety of characteristics  e.g.  plant size and growing conditions.  Check out the GREAT IMAGES!

Also learn about RIWPS cultivation notes, the  Native Rhody Project, which focuses on growing locally sourced seed as well as other resources, e.g. for attracting pollinators and birds, site designs …

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