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The Rhode Island Native Plant Guide represents a subset of 1,300 species listed in 1998 edition of Vascular Flora of Rhode Island, selected for their ornamental value, potential in restoration projects and ease of propagation.

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Rhode Island Native Plant Guide is simple online tool that reflects three years of research and development by the URI Outreach Center, Rhode Island Natural History Survey and a team of reviewers including professionals in the horticulture industry, URI faculty and staff, landscape ecologists, propagators and botanists.

Nurseries and garden centers selling plants on this list were also invited to provide this information.

What about other plants?


In addition to Vascular Flora of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society also uses New England Wild Flower Society’s Go Botany as its prime source for identifying the native origins of plants.  While this resource does not include details about growing conditions it is comprehensive, authoritative resource is updated constantly and easy to use.  A must resource for everyone!