Dear Member,

You may be noticing an abundance of native plants in places accessible to the public.  You see them in parks, at schools and even along neighborhood roadways.  The Rhode Island Wild Plant Society is a key player in making this transition happen. While we support these efforts with our native plant sales, we also encourage this activity with a grant program which is dedicated to the study of wild plants and their habitats.  While some grants go to pure research, many of them include the planting of native gardens by groups aspiring to create more natural spaces.

It is wonderful to see this transition to native landscapes everywhere we go.  As an organization RIWPS gets involved in all aspects of it.  From cultivating and planting to education and outreach, we help enhance the outdoor experience.  Our mission to appreciate, protect and study native plants and their habitats is clearly evident throughout Rhode Island.

None of this would be possible without the support we get from our membership.  The engine of all these good works is the countless hours our volunteers put in.  From the inspirational walks and workshops programs to behind the scenes efforts of seed starters and plant sale workers, a lot of effort is generously given to make RIWPS the organization it is.  We can all be proud of what has been accomplished.

If you are able to make a donation to our Annual Appeal this year, we would welcome it.  These funds help support everything we do and are always much appreciated.  But most of all, thank you for all you do and your continued dedication.  We would not exist as such a meaningful organization without you.


Susan T. Shuster