Touring the landscape of veteran RIWPS member, Sally Johnson

Despite two changes in dates due to rain, a full compliment toured the landscape of veteran RIWPS member, Sally Johnson, on September 27.  Sally and her husband Curtis have worked to make their garden serve as a coastal wildlife refuge.  Where a six-car parking lot once met the high tide line, in this Riverside, RI property, a rain garden edged by a sand dune covered with beach grass now slopes to a little beach and a buffer of bayberry, sweet fern, winterberry and beach plum replete with goldenrods, asters and native grasses.  

The group also saw Sally and Curtis’ two additional rain gardens, one on the roof of the house and the other by the driveway collects water from the street and garage to support swamp azalea and cranberries.  A small fish pond with its native plants serves as another source of food and shelter for wildlife. 

Walks and Workshops committee thanks both Sally and Curtis for opening their gardens for this instructive and delightful tour.