And just how many native plants were bought at RIWPS June Plant Sale?


Rhode Island gardeners really get it.  Planting native plants helps restore the natural environment, creating more favorable conditions to maintain and increase the native bird, butterfly and other insect populations that depend on native plant communities. Gardeners showed up in droves early Saturday morning, June 4th with wagons, boxes and a variety of tote bags to do some serious shopping and learn about the benefits of growing native plants.

If you didn’t attend this annual June native plant sale, you missed a super opportunity to pick wild plants from a vast collection of perennials, trees and shrubs native to Rhode Island, New England and Eastern North America prior to colonial settlement.  Many plants at this sale (and at our earlier May sale), such as milkweed, Virginia bluebells, ferns, trumpet vine and foamflower sold out very early. Plants list by category – first by latin name and then by common name

Over 100 RIWPS volunteers shared their love and enthusiasm for our wild flora with a crowd eager to “Grow  Native”.  We especially welcomed those who either volunteered and who donated plants from their garden for the first time.  Our sale continues to grow every year providing additional funds to further our mission of protecting our native plants and their habitat.

Volunteers in our Seed Starters groups have gotten so motivated that they are organizing to propagate natives in their home landscapes to provide for future sales. We have already begun to start cuttings and seeding for upcoming sales.

To all our volunteers and those who purchased plants, thank you for supporting this big event.  Enjoy growing your wild plants.  Pictures from our June Sale.

This is a year round project and if you are feeling the spirit and desire to grow native, you can sign up to help at  It’s a great way to learn about our native plants and how to grow them.

 See you next Spring!
From Sandra Thompson and Linda McDaniel, Co Chairs of Best Native Plant Sale in Rhode Island, June 2016