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Help. Donated Native Plant Project Needs a New Home

Donated native plants are an important part of the success story behind both our May, Early Bloomer & Spring Ephemeral Plant Sale and our June, Best Native Plant Sale in Rhode Island.  In early Spring, RIWPS members and friends (with our help, should they wish) dig and divide their native plants which we pot and grow for our sales.

For the past 4 years or so, Sandra Thompson and Nancy Weiss-Fried have collected many of these donated plants and potted them in Sandra’s garage, watering and nurturing them in her driveway. An impressive sight!

Sandra is moving and will not have space at her new home for this undertaking. We are seeking someone who might be willing to carry on. We can supply soil and provide a homemade potting table with multiple stations as well as a potting crew.

Might you be interested or have suggestions  for a location where we could continue our potting program?

Please contact Sandra if you have questions, suggestions and of course, if you would like to be part of the donated native plant project. We guarantee that you will become very familiar with many of the wonderful native plants that grow in RI.