Help us continue our work

Jack-in-the-pulpitAs the end of 2016 approaches it is plain to see that native plants are not only widely accepted as something worth preserving in the wild but also much sought after for both public and private spaces. New landscaping styles reflect a change in our understanding of nature and gardens and the interplay of one with the other. We see gardens now embracing all aspects of the natural world including shaded woodlands, glades, sunny meadows and wetlands and all of the flora and fauna associated with them. And we at the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society have played a big part in seeing that sentiment grow in our state through our many efforts to increase public awareness of the value and beauty of natives.

Through our ongoing educational efforts, we continue to help the public understand how a garden can be both beautiful and supportive of the environment and that no plant exists in isolation. From our Seed Starters groups leading the way with propagation efforts to our popular Plant Sales our volunteers are working hard to create planting opportunities. Our wonderful Walks and Workshops group contin- ues to educate the public and engage it in a learning experience which dispenses knowledge and pro- motes engagement with nature. And the education continues throughout the year with articles in Wild- flora and our presentation of terrific speakers.

We are all sorry to see the end of the RI Flower Show as it was a wonderful tool to reach out to the pub- lic to promote our message and we thank all of you who have worked long and hard each year for many years to organize our highly acclaimed and often First Prize booth. But new avenues present themselves as time marches on and your Board of Directors is keenly aware of taking the organization forward. New President Dick Fisher has hit the ground running by engaging the Board in a Strategic Planning Session and we are very thankful to have Dick sharing his knowledge and expertise with us.

As we embark on new ventures and take on new challenges your help is needed to maintain the strength of the Society and any donation you could make this year to our Annual Fund would be much appreciated.

We Thank You for all you do as a member and thank especially our many dedicated volunteers who put in countless hours. We are deeply grateful for your continued support and involvement.


Susan T. Shuster Board-of-Trustees