On November 21, RIWPS invited Dr. Susan Barton from the University of Delaware Plant and Soil Science Department to give a virtual lecture focusing on  20-year project with the Delaware Department of Transportation that has provided many experiences with using native plants in stressful situations.  She discussed how the lessons learned in planting and editing roadsides can be applied to a variety of landscapes and illustrate strategies for managing landscapes sustainably and provide guidelines for promoting native plants and combating invasive plants in public and private spaces.

Landscapes. Highway, 50+ community landscape and private residence landscape

3 landscape projects – Delaware Highway, Fifty + Community, Private Residence

image of Sue BartonDr. Barton has worked closely for the past 20 years with DelDOT to research and implement new roadside vegetation management strategies.  She has also worked with partners to develop the Plants for a Livable Delaware Program, designed to provide alternatives to known invasive plants species and to promote sustainable landscaping.  She teaches Plants and Human Culture, Farm to Table, Field Sketching of Landscape Subjects, Landscape Architecture Symposium and coordinates the Landscape Horticulture Internship.  She also works closely with the nursery and landscape industry, writing newsletters, organizing short courses and conducting horticulture industry expos with the Delaware Nursery and Landscape Association.  Susan received the Nursery Extension Award in 1995 from the American Nursery and Landscape Association and the Ratledge Award for service from the University of Delaware in 2007. Susan received her SITES AP certification in summer 2017.  See her blog.

PDF of the Lecture

Additional Resources recommended by Dr. Barton