Go Wild about Native Plants with Fellow RIWPS Members & Friends

Rhode Island Historical Society, Aldrich House 110 Benevolent Street, Providence, RI

January Social & Luncheon Potluck Style Please let us know if you are coming!  Scroll down to RSVP. Turks-cap lily (Lilium-superbum), photo DFisher Several members will share their experiences and photos with native plants and you too are encouraged to share as well. Garry Plunkett will talk about the transformation of Barbara Chapman’s Ocean Drive […]

March Annual Meeting & Guest Speaker

URI Pharmacy Building, Room 170 7 Greenhouse Road, Kingston, RI

Plants are Better than Mulch! Senna hebecarpa (northern wild senna), photo DJaffe We have a strange relationship with mulch in America. Landscaping often means a sea of red mulch dotted with a few over-pruned arborvitae shrubs. But how many gardeners got into the hobby for a love of mulch? There are good reasons to use […]

General Meeting & Lisa Lofland Gould Lecture

URI Pharmacy Building, Room 170 7 Greenhouse Road, Kingston, RI

Rare Plants of New England and their Conservation Bill Brumback, Conservation Director, New England Wild Flower Society, will talk about rare species of the region, reasons for their rarity, and the actions we can take to conserve them. Among other topics, he will discuss efforts to manage rare plant populations, bank seeds of rare species, and […]


General Meeting & Lecture

John Hay Library, Brown University, Providence

Botanical Art: The History of Botanical Art from Early Times to the Present  Botanical art, with its rich history and high standards, has always informed and promoted botany and the plant world. Pam Harrington, botanical illustrator and horticulturist will trace the evolving role of this art form starting with botanical art and illustrations in medieval […]

Annual Meeting & Lecture

Tiverton Public Library 34 Roosevelt Ave, Tiverton, Rhode Island

 The Memory of Trees & Insights on the Ecology of Forests How will forests in the northeastern U.S. respond to a hotter climate? The simple answer to this question is that it is not completely obvious. Through the use of the growth rings of trees, a synthesis of observations regarding tree mortality, and model experiments, Neil Pederson, […]

Lisa Lofland Gould Lecture – Ecological pollinator conservation: How do we keep our native ecosystems humming?

URI Pharmacy Building, Room 170 7 Greenhouse Road, Kingston, RI

Pollinators are declining at an unprecedented rate worldwide due to human-induced rapid environmental change. These declines pose a significant threat to our food supply and consequently, there has been major focus on the development and implementation of conservation strategies aimed to increase pollinator abundance in agricultural areas. The ecological needs of 98% of wild pollinator […]

Annual Meeting & Lecture – Lecture Cancelled. Business items to be sent to members.

Audubon Society of Rhode Island Nature Center 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI

For the safety of all at this time RIWPS has  cancelled our in person Annual Meeting on March 28th.  We plan to invite the speaker, Dr. Susan Barton, to speak at our fall meeting.  NOTE TO MEMBERS:  The Annual Meeting is our yearly business meeting at which we vote for board members and officers, present […]

Annual Meeting: Guest Speaker – Alicia Lehrer


Woonasquatucket River Greenway Our annual meeting will focus on a success story. The paths, parks, and festivals that have been built along a river that flows from the densely populated, and formerly industrial areas, of North Providence, Johnston and Providence were hard to imagine when a small group of visionaries got together thirty years ago.  […]

Walking Workshops in Winnisimet Woods, Tiverton

Tiverton, RI

Join Garry Plunkett on a leisurely walk for RIWPS members through his varied micro-habitats and learn from his 30-year, oxymoronic quest to “create nature.” Wander with Garry through his meadow, old field, pond, mini-marsh, and woodland, while he shares an enduring attempt to manipulate natural succession. The workshop is scheduled to enjoy spring wildflowers while […]


Annual Meeting: Lecture – Ecotypes, Ecoregions & Ecological Restoration

URI Pharmacy Building, Room 170 7 Greenhouse Road, Kingston, RI

Fortifying the Living Seed Bank Native plants are vital to restoring our landscape, but where are we getting our plants from? Join us for a talk by Sefra Alexandra about the The Ecotype Project. Learn how this project has created a model for native plants material development utilizing the ecoregional framework to ensure we are- […]

Seeding the Future: A Panel Discussion

URI Pharmacy Building, Room 170 7 Greenhouse Road, Kingston, RI

photo (D.Vissoe) WHEN & WHERE: Saturday, November 12, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., at the University of Rhode Island Pharmacy building (Rm 170), Kingston, RI. WHY: RIWPS is 35 years old this year, and we want to celebrate our history – and discuss where we go from here, in this era of climate change and […]