Native Plants in Every Landscape

The Garden Project Group advocates increasing native habitats in our backyards, on our streets and in our parks and public spaces through a variety of opportunities. The current ongoing activities of this group

Sponsoring Wild Garden Parties 

Usually virtual, but sometimes scheduled in gardens where native plants and native wildlife are thriving, these parties are an ideal opportunity to network and to get to know experts and other gardeners who share a passion for native plants. Join other gardeners to talk about planting successes/failures, to discuss which plants work best and when and where to plant them as well as to exchange ideas on the best landscape and management practices.  Sometimes the parties have a specific theme such as meadows, or forest edge gardening, seed collection. 

Encouraging volunteering

Working on an ongoing native plant conservation project, whether installing a new garden or restoring a landscape or cultivating native plants to be used in these projects is a great way to learn about how native plants contribute to viable ecosystems and about practices that are successful. Building bonds with other individuals and groups doing this type of work maximizes everyones efforts. In addition to our own projects Seed Starters, and our partner and affiliated projects, Beechwood Gardens, Kettle Pond Native Plant Demonstration (See our volunteer page) the Garden/Project group sponsors other volunteer opportunities around the state.

Investigating ways to increase seed collection and cultivation of native plants in our ecoregion.

For updates on these projects, see our monthly eNews.

To contact this group e-mail Sally Johnson