In Memory – George Ireland

As a retired engineer and Captain in the US Coast Guard, George’s organizational skill and gracious diplomacy were much appreciated. In addition to serving as Vice President of Administration in 2010 and 2011, George guided RIWPS through a major website revision. George performed myriads of tasks supporting his wife Judy, who designed and helped bring to life our award winning native plant exhibits at the Rhode Island Spring Garden & Flower Show. While team members in this endeavor valued their achievements, they also treasured the delight they had creating these exhibits and the friendships that developed. Previous president, Jules Cohen who was a part of this group recalls his regular lunches with George at Greggs restaurant, their attendance at talks at the Naval Base and just the spontaneous projects that happened like “the day George and I decided that RIWPS needed a trophy cabinet to house all the awards received at the Flower Show. George had some walnut – I think it was walnut – stashed away in his garage so this became our prime material. We worked on the trophy cabinet. Then George’s son John, whose carpentry skills outshone ours, took over and completed the task. George is remembered by so many as a wonderful man who as Jules notes was “Always encouraging folks to perform; always congratulating them for a job well done.”