In Memory Gilbert (Gil) Moore

While not a current RIWPS member, Gil joined RIWPS in 1988 and served as a Vice President in 1993-94.  Along with Irene Beauregard, Joan Pilson, Hope Leeson and Judy Ireland, Gil was one of the “Original 5” that created our native plant exhibit at the Rhode Island Flower Show, an award winning tradition that continued for 22 years. We also have Gil to thank for two WildfloraRI “Cultivation Notes” Aronia arbutifolia (Red Chokecherry) (2001 Vol. 32, No. 2) and Propagating Woody Plants by Cuttings: Confessions of a Fraud (2004 Vol. 39)

Thank you, Gil, for all your efforts to educate folks about plants, especially Rhode Island’s flora.