Press Release: Native Plant Symposium

The Rhode Island Wild Plant Society invites nursery and landscape industry professionals, landscape architects, ecologists, land managers, and plant enthusiasts to attend a day-long conference: Growing Awareness: planting biodiverse + resilient landscapes on Saturday, September 19th, 2015 at Brown University in Providence.

Native plants provide the landscape with a sense of place. Over thousands of years these plants have adapted to the local conditions – in sync with the needs of local wildlife with which they have co-evolved.

  • Learn the importance of collecting, saving, and propagating genetically diverse local seed to create biodiverse and resilient landscapes.
  • Using native plant communities as a model, explore the intersection of ecology and traditional horticulture with design examples from late 19c practitioners to today.
  • Discover techniques to help your landscape expand and thrive using existing plant material as the source.
  • Hear regional panelists share the rewards, and respond to the challenges, of propagating locally native plants for conservation and design.


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