Another 1,000 Native Plants Find New Homes

There was a fall-like chill in the morning air as volunteers set up tables and tents for our 2nd fall plant sale in Cranston. People were lining up before the sale opened and one of our volunteers Linda Hall began to show them plants, pictures and explain why they really needed these plants. It was a great way to start off the sale!

We were busy with customers purchasing wildflowers and shrubs and by the end of the sale we were sold out. Nearly 1000 plants moved into local home and school gardens.

Thank you to Alisson Walsh for chairing the fall sale and to all our volunteers who helped to transport, set up, and work at the sale.  These volunteers made possible another great opportunity to put native plants into our communities.

Line forming 30 minutes before the opening of the sale

Setting up the shrub section for the sale