RIWPS First Online Plant Sale – Much Thanks

RIWPS’s first online plant sale is over, plants have been picked up and we hope are settling into gardens throughout our region. Thank you to all who supported our sale and brought 1600 plants into our communities.

This has been an unusual year for us all and we have had to adjust to working differently and that includes our seed starter groups. We have worked all year in small groups, wearing masks and social distancing to put together a nice selection of plants.

Special thank you to Sally Johnson and Melissa Hughes who made it possible to purchase our inventory online; Mary Lou Upham, who printed orders for us, and to those who donated plants to the sale. Several members volunteered significant effort to help load cars, direct traffic, and set up tents and tables.

Thank you to a community of volunteers who have worked together to continue our mission to acknowledge the importance of native plants and make them available for our home gardens and communities.