“Yes, I will take families and children on walks in the winter!”

Winter is a great time to be outside with Becky Settje RWIPS Family walk leader. On February 20, Becky Settje organized a nature walk and activities for families at the Caratunk Wildlife Refuge for Bridgepointe Christian Church, East Providence. Activities included wrapping a walking stick with yarn and adding pinecones, sensory bottles, and a leaf ID sheet made with leaves, labels and contact paper. The walking sticks were a huge hit and the children eagerly used them for a one-mile winter walk.

Becky is offering a three part Family Walk Series on the first Sunday of April, May and June. In addition walks can also be arranged on a per request basis.  Becky will work with you to coordinate the date, place and time of the walk and any specific topics, badge work or interests you would like included in your walk. More information about these walks.