A big Thank You to Dick Fisher, RIWPS President, 2016-2020!

Many of us feel Dick deserves more fanfare. However, since we could not gather in March to thank him nor will  be to gather anytime soon, we thought the least we could do is share a selection of thoughts from fellow board members.

Dick graciously agreed to helm the RIWPS ship at a critical time for the organization. I was relatively new to RIWPS and did not know Dick at the time, but those who advocated bringing him on clearly knew what they were talking about. He ably led the board through an examination of its mission, the development of a strategic plan, and numerous other important debates and decisions during his tenure as President. Moreover, Dick’s kind and generous manner, deep knowledge, and humble nature have been a blessing to RIWPS in one way or another for many years!
– Amanda Freitas

Dick has been a wonderful president for these past few years. At the start of serving, he successfully managed our long-term planning project, which led to some revision of goals for the society. Many committees and projects have continued to run smoothly and our society has been growing. We have had some successful joint projects with other organizations, such as the native plant art exhibit last year and the “at-risk” plant project just beginning. The society receives many requests for help or information or action and Dick is skillful at assessing these and saying “no” in a very diplomatic way to ones that do not fit well with our mission and current activities. RIWPS is thriving, and we can thank Dick for his knowledge and effective leadership.
– Dorothy Swift

It was great working with you at the Pomham Rocks Lighthouse on behalf of RIWPS. Thank you for everything, especially your welcoming, kind and thoughtful leadership.
– Beth Dickson

Thank you Dick, for your stalwart leadership, your calming presence and your always thoughtful & intelligent input. You have made everyone feel an important part of the process of Board leadership and you will be missed at the helm. Thank you also for the great cookies at every meeting!!
– Susan Shuster

Thanks Dick, for serving the past four years as RIWPS’ President. Your calm leadership, thoughtful suggestions and guidance moved RIWPS along through various stages and events. Some of the highlights I am particularly appreciative of:
• For your leadership in the Strategic Planning process
• For promoting the RIWPS 30th Anniversary in 2017 when RIWPS co-founder and first president, Lisa Gould,
came up from North Carolina to help celebrate and to address the gang with a talk … Back to Our Roots – Being Wild about Wild Plants
• For the January Social evolving into a more social event – this was your idea! A chance to meet informally and get to know each other.
• For fostering the collaboration with Brown University Herbarium, RI Historical Society, Brown University’s John Hay Library and RIWPS – which resulted in the exhibit at John Hay Library – Entwined exhibit and Pam Harrington’s talk on The History of Botanical Illustration.
• For guiding RIWPS involvement in the “at risk” plant propagation project
• For representing RIWPS at the annual RI Land & Water Summit
• For finding us our Bookkeeper – Kate O’Leary! She is a joy to work with.
– Mary Lou Upham

Thanks Dick for your leadership especially through your guidance during the strategic planning process and the review of the bylaws.  Your gentle but firm leadership has made the board and the society stronger as a community and broadened outreach to the public.
– Mary O’Connor

We are all so glad that you will continue to serve on the Board as a Trustee-at-Large!