Beechwood Lecture: Detecting and Treating Plant Pathogens

Heather Faubert from the Plant Sciences and Entomology Department at the University of Rhode Island will talk about how to detect and treat some of the common – and not so common plant pathogens that we may find in our landscapes.  She will also discuss additional measures we can take to help our plants.  If you have some questions about some of your specific plants, feel free to bring samples from your landscape or garden.

Heather has worked as a Research Associate in the Plant Sciences and Entomology Department at the University of Rhode Island for over 40 years.  Since 2005, she has run the URI Plant Protection Clinic, based at the University of Rhode Island Greenhouse Complex, which helps homeowners and farmers identify insects and diagnose plant diseases in their homes and gardens.  In addition, Heather coordinates an integrated pest management program for Rhode Island’s apple growers and has contributed to URI’s biocontrol program with projects such as cypress spurge and winter moth biocontrol.

The Beechwood Lecture series is a joint effort of the URI Master Gardener Program and the RI Wild Plant Society. These series is  open to the public public and free of charge. Master Gardeners receive education credits for attending.

If interested in attending, please contact the Volunteer/Program Coordinator’s Office at The Beechwood Center for Life Enrichment at 401-268-1594; or email  Space is limited.

Remaining 2022 Beechwood Lectures.  Hope to see you at these events.

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