Botanizing Walks & Hikes

Christmas fern, GGardner

Let’s go for a walk …

We currently have 3 walk series First Thursday Botanizing Walks and Plants & Their Places and then a series target to families with children, Wild Things: Family Walk Series.

Walks in these series are offered for no charge and open to the public, although a donation to defray the cost of these programs is appreciated.  Donate

As with all our walks, sturdy footwear, clothing appropriate for the weather and for protection against sun exposure, ticks and other insects, briers, tree root etc. as well as a sufficient supply of water and nourishment are essential. Dogs are not permitted.

Wear the appropriate amount of fluorecent orange on state management and other properties where hunting is allowed during hunting season.  Click image.

First Thursday Botanizing Walks

Interested in a walk to explore plants and their habitats?  Come learn  and share your knowledge about plants. Each month a different expert guide will lead participants on a plant adventure.  Consideration is given to issues related to the plant communities at the site, especially those of particular interest to the guide and participants.

Beginners to experts welcome. Walks are two hours, usually on easy to moderate terrain.  This season we will have one walk a month from July through October.

See the note in orange at the top of this page for how to dress and what to bring.

There is no registration.  We walk rain or shine.  Should there be a cancellation, e.g very bad weather, we will post the cancellation on the event page of the walk.

Plants & Their Places

Interested in a longer experience identifying plants? Join Doug McGrady, devotee of exploring the wilds of New England,  who leads this series of three walks, each four-hour in length. Participants will consider plant communities at a site and identify a wide the variety of plants. Particular focus is often on the rare and unusual. Some previous knowledge of plants is recommended.

Walks are usually on moderate terrain.  Forays during the walks searching for specific plants tend to be on more difficult terrain.

See the note in orange at the top of this page for how to dress and what to bring.

There is no registration. We walk rain or shine. Should there be a cancellation, e.g very bad weather, we will post the cancellation on the event page of the walk.

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Upcoming Botanizing Walks (First Thursday + Plants & Their Places)

Wild Things – Family Walks

Here in Rhode Island and all over the world, natural habitats are shrinking, species are disappearing and our environment is clearly at risk. What can we do to help reverse the damage and ensure a more sustainable future?

If you share our belief that kids are the key to change and you’d like to get your kids or grandchildren out exploring the natural environment, register below to express your interest in participating in these customized adventures. Our goal is to spark or enhance an informed interest in healthy habitats and ecosystems.

With the guidance of naturalist Nathan Lamb, children and adults participating in these family walks will explore the interdependence of native trees, plants, insects and birds. Each walk will feature observations and hands-on activities of nature’s own “best practices,” some of which we can apply to our own backyards to make them more sustainable and wildlife-friendly.

Inspired by the work of Douglas Tallamy in his books Nature’s Best Hope and The Nature of Oaks, this program will focus on the functions of keystone species like the oak, both in the wild and in our cultivated landscapes.

Along with other native species, the oaks will provide much to explore, from the shape of their leaves and the insects they host, to their interactions with fungi and root systems.

To provide a personalized learning experience space is very limited. Each walk will be arranged for to 2 to 3 families per walk. The material covered will be aimed at children roughly 8 to 12 years old.

We are looking for additional people to lead these family walks.  Contact

Wild Things - Family Walk Information Sheet

The information will be used to help us arrange each walk in this series.
  • For the moment we are focused on April, May and June