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Self-Guided Plant and Nature Walks

On the Trail

Enjoy descriptions of a few of the wonderful places to walk in Rhode Island with a focus on the plant habitat and then immerse yourself in some of these places.  On the Trail is a feature series in our semiannual publication, WildfloraRI.

Interested in writing such a description of a area you know?
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In hunting seasons, we highly recommend wearing bright fluorescent colors in the woods. On state lands, you are required to wear 200 square inches (baseball cap) or 500 square inches (vest) of fluorescent orange. Other lands may also allow hunting.  Check before you go.

Additionally protect yourself from the elements and things that bite.

Other Walks…

Tri-Pond Park

tri pond park guideThe Tri-Pond Park Self-Guided Nature Trail Loop

This free publication invites you to “Walk, Look, Enjoy, Care.” Designed, written and illustrated by Frances Topping and edited by Karen Asher and Suzanne Vallett-Jarbeau, the guide enables visitors to explore and learn about stone walls, logs and leaves, habitats, invasive plants and more.

Tri-Pond Park is located in South Kingstown, RI. This mostly unpaved woodland walking trail is approximately 3/4 mile long.